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$70 Learn To Play Hockey Registration

Start Date for Session One-November 3rd 2020

We will be offering two sessions for our learn to play program this upcoming season.  Session one will start November 3rd and last 7 weeks. Session two will start after the first of the year.  We are only allowed to have 25 skaters on the ice at a time. Space is limited so we encourage members to register as soon as possible to guarantee a spot. 

$70 Learn To Play Registration

The Learn to Play Program is designed for all ages to learn basic hockey skills.  The program teaches players the basics of stick-handling, passing and shooting along with improving skating skills.

Players should be able to demonstrate basic skating skills and the ability to stand on the ice without assistance from a coach. Completion of a Learn to Skate class is helpful for initial success but is NOT a requirement for Learn to Play.

Full equipment is required for the safety of all players. This includes a helmet with facemask, shoulder pads, elbow pads, shin guards, gloves, pants, practice jersey, hockey socks, ice skates, and a stick.

WAHA has a limited supply of gear which can be rented for the season. A non-refundable fee of $50.00 is required for each equipment set. Please contact our Equipment Coordinator, Billy Martin at for more details. Please note that hockey socks, ice skates, and a stick are NOT included in the complete rental set. A jersey is provided as part of your participation in Learn to Play.

The goal of Learn to Play is to develop individual hockey skills and prepare players to join a team. As a player improves, he/she may be invited to move up into our House League. This provides an opportunity for further skill development and participation in games.

Please email any additional questions to:

Program Details

Wenatchee Amateur Hockey Association is pleased to announce that our Learn to Play Hockey Program Registration is open for the 2020-2021 Season.  This program is for youth players who have the basic of skating skills and are ready to learn the basics of hockey.  Players must be in full hockey gear in order to participate. 

Learn to Play Hockey consists of beginning hockey players broken up into smaller groups with similar skill levels and follows the American Development Model guidelines which promote high activity through fun, station based practices and games.  This program is ran by the Wenatchee Wild Coaching Staff and Wolves Players.  

Program Length & Schedule

Our Learn To Play Hockey Program runs for 7 weeks. We will be offering two sessions this upcoming season starting November 3rd and the second session starting after the first of the year.  Practices are held every Tuesday (Excluding Holidays/School Vacation Schedules) from 5:30-6:30.


Full hockey gear and stick is required. Rental gear is available through Wenatchee Amateur Hockey Association for the season for a non-refundable fee of $50.00.  Our rental gear is available on a first come first serve basis.  The first opportunity to receive gear is at our Hockey Swap/Registration Day on TBD.  If you can't make a fitting that day you can email to make an appointment for a fitting.  

Price Includes

The $70.00 Learn to Play fee includes 7 weeks of practice and a jersey.  




The following is a basic list of equipment that must be worn at all practices and games. Referees have the authority to remove a player from a game for equipment violations.

o    Skates

o    Shin pads

o    Hockey pants

o    Shoulder pads

o    Elbow pads

o    Hockey gloves

o    Mouth guard

o    Helmut with ear guards and cage/visor

o    Jersey

o    Hockey stick

o    Athletic support

In addition, the following are recommended:

o    Socks that work well in your skates

o    Garter

o    Hockey socks

o    Sock tape

o    Neck guard

o    Bandana or sweat band

o    Towel

o    Water

o    Checklist so you don’t forget anything – remember some things are a pair so look for both!


When purchasing hockey equipment, the most important aspect to consider is fit.

o    Equipment should cover the entire area of the body that it is meant to protect

o    Equipment bought “to grow into” leaves the player at risk of injury as equipment slides out of place when it is too big.

o    This includes skates

o    Equipment that is too small does not cover the area it is supposed to.

o    New is not necessarily better.

o    Kids grow out of gear quickly so there are options to buy good used gear.

o    Attend WAHA’s gear swap

o    Make sure equipment is in proper condition

o    Make sure it fits well

o    Make sure it is approved and not expired (helmets)

Take care of your equipment and it will take care of you! Do the following and it will last longer and be eligible for a gear swap or sale.

o    All equipment should be hung to dry after every practice and game

o    Reduces deterioration of the equipment’s structure/quality

o    Inspect equipment for wear/breaks

o    Avoid panic situations before important games!

o    Skate blades should be dried after each time on the ice

o    Helps you notice when they need sharpening

o    Repair or replace any piece of equipment that is in poor condition

o    Broken or cracked sticks are illegal

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Jesi Richardson


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